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Don’t Settle on Your Personal Email Address! Stand out from the crowd with a custom email domain name. Show the world you’re as unique as you are professional.
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It’s your name that counts
Professional Email Address
It makes sense that a smart professional would use a professional email address rather than a free provider such as Yahoo or Gmail. We’ll set you up with your unique Google Suite that suits your profile, complete with Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and more for professionals.
Your name out in front
Top-Level Domains For Professionals
Let the world know what you do at a glance. When a standard .com domain doesn’t show your audience who you are. With top-level professional domains—.mba .ceo .doctor .lawyer .guru .expert, and many more!—remove the guesswork from your network. Proclaim your profession, with our custom domains!
Hide Your Who's Who Record
Domain Privacy Shield
Typically, when registering a domain, your info is placed on a public database. Keep your contact info safe and hidden with our Domain Privacy Shield. Protecting your privacy is our top priority.
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30 Email Aliases

A regular email address ends with or A professional email address ends with

Domain Privacy Shield

When someone checks the WHOIS for the contact information of your domain, normally they will see your account information. With Privacy Shield they will see our information instead.

Support Done For you

Need a helping hand with how to set up G Suite for your website? By the end, you’ll have a working email account, as well as access to all the other G Suite functionality (like Google Meet, Drive storage for Docs, Sheets, etc.).

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